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Learning regularly about conservation helps us to evolve our own sustainability practices. This does more than improving our own ecological footprints, for eco-actions impact positively on our mental and physical health, the connectivity of our communities, and the diversity of our wealth. But eco-activities go even further by sending financial, political, and manufacturing signals up and down our cultural structures. And the conversations we have about these practices influence those around us - multiplying our impacts. Conversations in this battle for the natural world matter. So I hope you’ll join in.

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The choices we make with our money, time and votes are our greatest tool for saving ecosystems worldwide. Joyously, eco-conscious choices also improve our own well being as well as make the world a more just and secure place for humans and other beings.


Pru Foster is a physicist who has researched systems in space & on earth. She is the author of A Drop of Grace: Finding and Protecting Our Common Ground.